How to buy cheap flight tickets (with a little trick)

The price of flight tickets is always changing, it’s difficult to know when you will find the best price. However, there are a few tricks that you can do to make sure you’re getting the cheapest price.

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  1. Timing

Let’s start with the obvious, depending on the time of the year, some seasons are more expensive than others, there is not much you can do about it, so check different schedules.

  1. Compare prices.

First of all, DO NOT take anything for granted. All websites will tell you they’ve got the cheapest price, but they will all add a few bucks as commission (that’s how they make their money). Be smart, take advantage of them, they are useful to compare prices among all different airlines; but that’s it. (Do not buy your ticket yet!)

  1. Eliminate Cookies.

Why eliminating cookies? Because once you checked the prices online, the webpage will hide a “cookie” in your computer that tells them what you want to buy, and then you will be bombed out with lots and lots of ads about similar flights “on sale” but they’re actually more expensive. It does happen when you look for the same flight over and over, the airline will realize about it, and will eventually increase the price. (That’s the sad moment when we think: I should have bought it earlier!).

To eliminate the cookies, on your browser go to: internet settings –> tools –>delete browsing history –> cookies and browsing history.

Try it now, so you get the idea.


  1. Click and Buy it!

By now, you should know the details of your flight, so after eliminating the cookies, click on the airline of your choosing and have a nice trip with the cheapest price on the market!

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