Get a host and a domain: (What’s the difference?) (How to choose a good host and a domain)

How to choose a good host and a domain

You most probably know this already, but this is the basic concept:

What is a Web host?

​In general, it is the “place” where all the information of your website is stored; when somebody enters your domain name into their browser’s address field, the Web site is loaded from your Web host. (For example: Bluehost)

That leads us to: What is a domain?

In the most basic words, it is the “address” that the browser looks for on the web.

(For example:

To choose a domain, just make sure it is available. (Funny tricks about domains) [Post under construction]

Now that we have that clear… How to choose a web hosting service?

To make this decision, you need to know:

– Your hosting needs.
– Host reliability and guarantees.
– Web host upgrading options. (More storage, etc.)
– How many domains you can have in a single account. (Yes, you may have more than 1)
– Prices
– Customer support

So before going any further, think thoroughly on what you need.

What kind of website are you working on?
Do you want something common? Maybe a WordPress blog?
Do you need Windows applications? Or software?
Volume of web traffic?
These are some of the basic questions you need to answer for yourself.

If you are totally new… start small, with a host that does not require much of you.

I suggest you this one, check its web page to see what it has to offer, but I can tell it has one-click-installation of  WordPress, a fair price for starters, good support features, and most importantly they won’t bother you much with things you don’t know or care about, you just worry about your content.

More info on different Web hosts soon (Post under construction)
Leave a comment on further information… sharing is helping!